Day 4

Up early to tear down base camp Alpha. We rolled out at 8 am headed for Deschutes National Forest. After a short drive we met up with Tom Walker of the US Forest Service. Tom gave us a run down of Tumalo Creek restoration project which is a creek that supplies water to half of Bend, Oregon. Part of the restoration effort includes removal of noxious weeds, specifically knapweed. So we spent time pulling little purple weeds and lodgepole pine in an effort to make space for aspen to grow. While checking out the restoration area I came across a few slash pilings. I couldn’t help but think of the biochar opportunity sitting among all of those piles. Attached is a picture of knapweed and the second is a picture of a slash pile AKA biochar potential. image-6image-6 copy

Day 3

Got up early this morning to meet an elder, Arleta Rhone, at the Warm Springs Museum. She spoke of her experiences and perspective of change through the 40’s, of boarding school, and of culture loss  into the 50’s until now. The museum provided an interesting perspective. When we left the museum we headed for the Department of Natural Resources to meet up with Tim Outman. Tim presented a powerpoint about the wild horse situation and history of the population. When we made it back to base camp Alpha (I began to name each camp we make as well as transport vehicles; Terri, Vince, Jake, Aric, Michael, and I are in the Man Van except when Dr. Black is aboard then our radio name becomes Llama 1), we began to pack up to move out. Got to bed late packing my things. Day 3 over.

Day 2

Woke up early today to make it over to the Warm Springs Community Center where we met up with Jason Smith. Jason is a range manager and supervises a crew of cowboys that round up wild horses to work. They showed us how they round up a group of horses to be transported to the handling facility. We were done early today and had time to reflect on the day and days to come. I was able to get a work out in as well. I feel better now. Tonight was my turn to help prepare dinner. I can now say i’ve made burritos with turkey. Tomorrow sounds like it’ll be another early morning because we need to be on the road again at 8. I forgot to attach this picture to yesterday’s post so here it is now. Its a picture of some petroglyphs I found interesting.